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From Pressure to Promise

Updated: Feb 2

Dr. GreGory's recent message, "Internal Pressure," took the congregation on a powerful journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth. We embarked on a transformative exploration of how life's challenges, like stress, tension, and burdens, accumulate within us, impacting our spiritual and emotional well-being.

With compassion, Dr. GreGory acknowledged the constant pressure we face in today's world. However, he offered a beacon of hope, reminding us of the biblical truth that these trials are temporary as he lead the congregation to repeat the phrase "No Cross, No Crown". Drawing strength from Romans 8:18, which declares the glory that awaits us, far surpasses our present difficulties.

Dr. GreGory also shared a poignant story about encountering a stranger who recognized him in a restaurant. He used this anecdote to illustrate how God is always present. He urged us to surrender to God's will and trust that no matter where we are, He will find us. Reminding us that we are never alone in our struggles.

One of the most thought-provoking aspects of the message was Dr. GreGory's interpretation of a literal vulture that just so happened to be atop the church building before service. Drawing parallels with biblical references, he highlighted the vulture's association with seeking the dead, as indicated in Matthew 24:28. This served as a warning for judgment, prompting us to engage in self-examination, ensuring that our conduct aligns with the Word of God, and urging a recommitment to God's divine path.

The message culminated in a powerful call to action. Dr. GreGory encouraged us to embrace our trials with gladness, declaring that we are entering a "golden era." Referencing historical examples, he conveyed God's promise to usher the assembly into a season of blessings and divine favor. Urging us to find strength in adversity and hold onto faith, knowing that a brighter future awaits.

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Unknown member
Jan 30

Dr Gregory Thank you for my weekly dose of Hope it's like an IV of Gods Love in my veins❤️🥰‼️

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