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Dr. GreGory Wendell

"Extend a hand of help to the needy, a heart of compassion to the hurting, and a message of empowerment to the disenfranchised"

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Dr. GreGory Wendell, former CEO of GCNGI, Inc. based in London, UK extends a hand of help to the needy, a heart of compassion to the hurting, and a message of empowerment to the disenfranchised. Under his leadership and fresh start in a new location under construction, he plans to prioritize growth with diversified worship experiences tailored to the generational needs of living a victorious and stress-free life.

We have volunteer opportunities during all of our services. From our service team ministries to Global-Kids, there is a place for everyone to serve.

Our Mission at Hope Assembly

At Hope Assembly, we ignite hope and equip individuals and families to thrive. Through vibrant worship, practical skills, and a supportive community, we nourish body, mind, and soul. From overflowing pantries to mentoring youth, we offer tools for everyday growth. Discover inspiring stories in our video library and receive daily support through personalized mobile connections.  Across generations and backgrounds, we welcome all to experience the transformative power of faith and join us in building a brighter future, together.



We have volunteer opportunities from our service teams to outreach, there is a place for everyone to serve.


Checkout our list of ministries and volunteer



  • OnSet Arrival Greeter

  • Sanctuierge (Concierge)

  • Social Media Team

  • Floor Adjutants (Ushers)

  • Health/Disability Services

  • Seed of Hope Outreach

  • Prayer Partners

  • Media Production

  • Christian Education

  • Music Ministry

  • Dance Ministry

  • Drama Theatre

  • Sign Language

  • Weddings/Funeral Team

  • Facilities Services

  • Administrative Assistants

  • Executive Assistants



We love Goodyear and exist as a local church to serve and make our city better! One way we do this is through local community work.

Checkout the list below to see how you can begin to make a tangible difference and express the love of God with us here in Goodyear!

  • Weekly Worship Service 

  • Weekly Bible Study

  • Facilities Services Clean-Up Teams

  • Hope Assembly Music

  • Dance For Hope Team

  • Hope To Success Student Coaching and Wellness Program

  • Seed of Hope Community Outreach Team

  • Community Health Fairs

  • Drive-Thru Backpack Giveaway

  • Drive-Thru Clothing Giveaway 

  • Drive-Thru Food Box Giveaway 

  • Community Holiday Events

  • Holiday Partnerships for the Unhoused

  • Wedding/Funeral Services

  • Adopt-a-Street Clean-Up Crew

  • Health/Disability Services

  • Prayer Partner Teams

  • Sign Language Services

Hope Assembly's love spills beyond its walls,

coloring the canvas of Goodyear, Arizona with acts of service,

transforming faces from weary to hopeful, and weaving a future brighter

one act of kindness at a time.


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Bishop Gregory W. Newman was born on August 25, 1953 in Phoenix, AZ, the sixth child of Dr. James and Mrs. Carleste Newman. As a very precocious and smart child, young Gregory attended church with his mother at South Minister Presbyterian Church where Dr. Benjamin Brooks served as pastor.


Elect Lady Cynthia Newman was born on September 26, 1955, the 2nd child of Raymond and Mary Moya. Her mother’s desire to raise her children in the fear of God led her to First Pentecostal Church where young Cynthia aided her mother who served as the lead armor bearer for the Bishop’s wife Mother Lelar Eddings. Little did Mother Mary Brown who later remarried know, as she served the Bishop’s wife; she was raising the future Bishop’s wife of the same Diocese.


It was during this time at church that our First Lady met our Pastor when she was just 13 years old in the 8th Grade and Bishop was 15. Bishop excelled academically in all levels of education and had a natural athletic ability. In high school and college our pastor was the star quarterback and was featured in several newspaper articles before a leg injury that halted his achievements. Shortly after, Bishop began a budding career in the newly developing computer industry where he worked in operations and technical support.


First Lady’s academic abilities led her to pursue a career as a psychologist, however, after a life-changing accident with one of her children, she shelved her academic pursuits and vowed to dedicate her life’s work to raising her children. Ironically her love and study of medicine continued and people often seek her advice, which has proven to be their best course of action. Even now during hospital visits First Lady’s knowledge and questions often lead to doctors and nurses asking for her credentials.

​On June 9, 1973 Bishop Gregory and Elect Lady Cynthia were knit together in holy matrimony and through this union, God sent us Nicole, Gregory II, and Isaac.

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