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We're Glad You're Here!

Friends may let you down, but Jesus is a friend that sticks closer than a brother.  He desires that you would know Him and talk to Him as you would your very best friend. God has forgiven and forgotten your past and has a bright future ahead of you. 


Surround yourself with other believers and friends that will encourage you on this journey of faith. 


We encourage you to continue to visit our site to learn and grow in faith.

We are so happy to have you visit our site.  God bless you and your family.

  • What are service times?
    - Sunday Morning Worship - 11:00am - Wednesday Bible Study - Online - Saturday Kids Global Class - Online 10:00am Our address is: 13680 W. Auto Drive, Goodyear, AZ 85338
  • How do I become a Member?
    - Visit the New Members Desk in the lobby to join in-person or click here to join online. - Watch the online new members class. - Sign up for HopeBook on our website to get access to extra member benefits.
  • Baptisms - Christenings
    To receive a ceremony date for baptism, visit the Salvation/Prayer Desk in the Lobby of the church or fill out a request on Hopebook. Note: Christenings and Dedications are not services we provide.
  • Who do I contact for name or address change?
    Visit the General Information Desk in the Lobby or complete the Members Information form on Hopebook.
  • Does Hope Assembly have a children's ministry?
    Our Children's Global Class is available online for ages 4-12, airs every Saturday at 10am on both our website and YouTube channel (
  • How do I volunteer?
    To find volunteer opportunities, you can either visit the General Information desk in the lobby or log into Hopebook/Member Services/Serve.
  • Does Hope Assembly have an outreach ministry?
    Our outreach ministry hosts several events a year, such as feeding the homeless, community giveaways, school backpack drives, health fairs, and much more. Find out more information here.
  • Does Hope Assembly offer personal counseling?
    If you are a member, you can either visit the General Information desk in the lobby or fill out the counseling form on Hopebook. One of our counselors will be in touch with you.
  • Does the Church offer wedding rentals or marriage counseling?
    If you are a member of the church, you can access the general information desk in the lobby or the wedding rental form on Hopebook to obtain further details. We do not offer rentals to non-members. We also suggest that you find a counselor as we do not provide marriage counseling.
  • Who do I contact in case of a death?
    If you are a Member of Hope Assembly, please complete the bereavement notice on HopeBook, call the office at (623) 845-0310, email the church at, or visit the General Information desk in the lobby.
  • In case I go to the hospital, who do I contact?
    Members can request a visit from one of our prayer partners by going to the Salvation/Prayer Desk or Call (623) 845-0310, Email (, Text 623-335-4446.
  • Can I arrange a funeral to be held at Hope Assembly?
    If you are a member, please either visit the General Information desk in the lobby or fill out the bereavement form on Hopebook. Non-members of the church should be aware that funerals are not available.
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