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You Are Valuable

We had the opportunity to listen to an inspiring sermon delivered so eloquently by our pastor Dr. GreGory, that captured the essence of self-value and the power of our voices.

The Power of Your Voice The sermon highlighted the transformative power of our voices as tools of influence, capable of shaping not only our own lives but also the lives of those around us. Our words have the potential to inspire, comfort, and uplift.

Dr. GreGory taught us that we have to have the ability to speak with confidence and assertiveness. When we shy away from expressing our thoughts and feelings, we diminish our own power and deny ourselves the opportunity to make a positive impact. Our voices deserve to be heard, and we must have the courage to wield them effectively.

Lessons from Personal Experience

Pastor also shared personal anecdotes, offering a glimpse into the struggles we all face. He candidly shared his own experiences of underestimating his worth, allowing the opinions of others to dictate his self-perception. These personal stories served as a powerful reminder that we are not alone in our battles with self-doubt, and encouraged us to challenge the negative narratives that hold us back.

Value in Forgiveness

A particularly profound insight from the sermon centered around the concept of self-forgiveness. We often carry the weight of past mistakes and shortcomings, allowing them to weigh heavily on our self-worth. By forgiving ourselves, we acknowledge our imperfections and embrace the process of growth and healing.

You Are More Than Your Circumstances

Dr. GreGory challenged us to break free and recognize that we are more than the sum of our experiences. Our past mistakes, our current challenges, and our perceived limitations do not dictate our self-worth.


The journey of discovering our value is a lifelong pursuit, a continuous process of self-discovery and growth. Let us always remember the power of our voices, the importance of forgiveness, and to inspire ourselves and others to reach their full potential.

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1 Comment

This is very empowering 🔥I am going through a serious test of feeling not valued in a certain area of my life💔This has encouraged me tremendously 🔥❤️

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