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Updated: Dec 4, 2022

Are you repulsed at my blog title? Are you shocked? Did you think to yourself, “That’s wrong and unholy”? Perhaps you said, “That’s ashame and totally inappropriate”. Well, I used the title, What The Hell merely as a lesson in JUDGING. My point is this, if you’ve ever uttered something in your lifetime that you shouldn’t have, then your first reaction shouldn’t have been, “Eww he cursed”.

If you’ve every called someone a fat pig – then you shouldn’t have judged my title. If you’ve ever talked about any person – then you shouldn’t have judged my title. If you’ve ever cursed – then you shouldn’t have judged my title. You see, cursing is more than four-letter words. For most church folk, my title today is outrageous but yet they’ve listened to conversations like, “I don’t think Bro. GreGory should have said that in his blog.” or “Roberta thinks she’s so cute and stuck on herself.” However, people engaged in those types of conversations are considered more righteous than someone who may have used a curse word. When the truth is both are equally short of righteous conduct. It’s true anyhow whether you like it or not. Can my Blog Friends say Amen?

I’m sick and tired of fake church folk. Someone may say, “What about your message of Love Thy Neighbor As Thyself“? Well, I don’t let myself get away with nonsense, I’m brutally honest with me about me. So, my love says – STOP JUDGING and worry about yourself. Don’t get it twisted, Love has correction. Saints, I’m here to tell you we’re living in a day and time where people want us to – Keep It Real and if you don’t you’ll have difficulty being a witness for Christ. The fake stuff won’t cut it for this generation!

Isn’t it amazing how the title doesn’t seem to matter now?

Getting The Hell Out Of Us

~ Dr. GreGory

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