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Once upon a time one of my fellow church families invited me to eat at their home, I explained how horribly busy I was and just couldn’t find the time. This request became habitual every Sunday – I finally agreed. Naturally, I assumed I’d be eating with the entire family – boy was I wrong. Upon my arrival I discovered I’d be dining with just two females – thank God I forced my brother to come at the last minute (he complains about it to this very day).

When we entered the house there was no aroma of food preparations – AT ALL! To my utter surprise someone yells, “I’m in the shower – you better not try and peek GreGory.” To myself I said, “What the…Lord, I’m on a cussin’ diet.” My brother says, “What! Who wants to look at your…” – I quickly shut him up. Oh no, what had I gotten us into. She comes out in what seemed to be a fresh curly wig – it was obvious she hadn’t got it wet in the shower, she probably left it sitting on the toilet.

She immediately says in a low-toned voice, “Good evening – oh no this computer is unplugged!” It just so happened the computer was right in front of the seat I’d been escorted to. She slowly bends over, looks directly at me and begins profusely shaking her extremely over-sized gluteus maximus and screaming – I was appalled! She then practically jumped on me – we got out of there!

Needless to say, I no longer accept home dinner invitations! Okay, enough of my comedy – Laugh Friends, Laugh!

Love ya

~ Dr. GreGory

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