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The Importance of Spiritual Hydration

From the very beginning on Sunday, July 7th, the atmosphere was charged with praise and worship. Dr. GreGory led us in the repeated affirmation "You Over Everything", which became a powerful declaration of our faith and trust in God's plan.

The Pulpit Floral Arrangement

Pastor highlighted God's faithfulness and miraculous interventions, by pointing out one of the pulpit floral arrangement he used as an example a couple of weeks ago that toppled over by itself. This served as a vivid illustration of God's presence and power in our lives, letting us know that God is always at work, even in the most unexpected ways.

Additionally, Dr. GreGory drew a powerful analogy between his experiences and the biblical parable of the wheat and the tare. He explained that when the harvest is ready, the wheat bows down with abundance, symbolizing humility and readiness to be received.

The Importance of Obedience

Understanding when to gather your harvest and discerning God's timing is crucial. Sometimes missing God's timing for our harvest can lead to missed opportunities and spiritual stagnation.

Pastor warned of the dangers of disobedience, using the metaphor of harvesting too late. He explained that just as crops can spoil if not harvested in time, our spiritual lives can suffer if we do not heed God's instructions.

He emphasized the need to cultivate a "yes" in our spirit, even when faced with difficult tasks or decisions. If not, we must take steps to restore it, or we risk being identified as a tare, unproductive and misaligned with God's purpose.

Spiritual Hydration

Dr. GreGory cleverly incorporated the concept of hydration as a metaphor for spiritual nourishment. He reminded us that just as our bodies require water to stay healthy and function properly, our spirits need the living water that only God can provide.

He shared that just as July is the hottest month and we need to stay hydrated to avoid physical dehydration, we must also stay spiritually hydrated, especially during the challenging "hot" times in our lives.

The "Hydration Station" served as a reminder that God always provides the water we need to stay spiritually vibrant and healthy.

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Nikia Robinson
Nikia Robinson
4 days ago

Amen, Amen 🙏🏾

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