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Updated: Dec 4, 2022

What kind of advice would you give someone who doesn’t date and his/her sexuality is often questioned because they choose to wait?

First, I’ll start by sharing what I’ve personally gone through. Many years ago I decided not to date. Throughout my entire life people have considered me extremely pleasing to the eye, often calling me, ‘The Full Package’ or ‘Gorgeous’ – really, I’m not trying to be funny here. This isn’t my personal opinion of myself at all. However, people have often called me gay because I don’t date, they feel I’m too handsome not to be in a relationship.

Years ago there was a young lady that wanted me – BAD! Well, I truly felt she lacked style, hated her hair style, skin texture and tone – okay lets be real, I thought the chick was ugly – there I said it. When I didn’t respond to her advances she said, “If he doesn’t like me he must be gay.” Her comment meant absolutely nothing to me, it didn’t phase me.

Sometimes, the enemy uses people to call you gay in order to make you wonder if you are – to plant a seed of homosexuality in your mind. It’s been my experience that the men and women that call me gay actually want to have sex with me. So, let them say whatever they want about you – who cares – I sure as heck don’t. Afterall, you’re living your life for Christ and no one else. Did that help you?

~ Dr. GreGory

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