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Updated: Dec 4, 2022

I refuse to sit back and waste my life – I have something to offer the world. There isn’t a cell in my body that doubts what I can accomplish. You know why? God is in me.

Did you hear what I said, “God is in you!” You have something to offer too. What have you done today? What-Have-You-Done-Today?

I’ve seen people in the same position year after year – I want to… I thought about… I’d like to have… In a couple of years I’m going to… I never should have… I didn’t get a chance to… What if I… I was called fat as a child…

Okay, it’s old now – let’s move forward and look at today.

What positive step have you taken toward your goal, TODAY?

Wishing You The Best

~ Dr. GreGory

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