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Updated: Dec 4, 2022

Today, I’d like to address a question from one of our Blog Friends – The Voice Of God. First, a little food for thought, God speaks French, Chinese, Hebrew, English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Ebonics – don’t laugh lol. This question hasn’t just one answer for God can speak in so many different ways. The scriptures gives us to know our Lord can use animals, bushes, people, dreams, the Holy Bible – anything he chooses. So how do we know if it’s God or not?

This would be my advice, if you feel like God has given you a word, hold the thought (don’t share it with anyone) and wait to see if it comes to pass. If it comes to pass make a mental note of that experience and what you felt when you received the word. Continue to practice this and eventually you’ll discover how God seemingly speaks to you. Remember, it’s different for each of us – there isn’t ONE MAGIC answer.

I feel like God wanted me to give a simple, straight forward answer. People try to get deep with this subject and it often leaves us more confused. Nevertheless, that’s how I discovered the voice of God – I hope that helped.


~ Dr. GreGory

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