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Divine Guidance: Waiting for the Right Season

Dr. Gregory's insightful sermon "Inflamed Spirits" challenged us to embrace an attitude of continuous joy, not just fleeting moments of happiness. This shift in mindset involves a deep-rooted decision to find delight in the Lord, even amidst life's storms.

He emphasized the importance of nourishing the seeds of virtue in our hearts by carefully selecting what we consume – the music we listen to, the shows we watch, and the thoughts we allow to occupy our minds. We should focus on what is pure, lovely, admirable, and praiseworthy, allowing these seeds to grow into a garden of resilience.

Drawing inspiration from Philippians 4:13, Dr. Gregory reminded us that we can achieve anything with the power bestowed by faith. This belief transcends our own abilities, providing a reassuring whisper in our souls that we are never alone.

While encouraging us to take action, the sermon also cautioned against rushing God's timing. Just as unripe fruits are unpleasant, prematurely pursuing ambitions can lead to disappointment. Instead, we should wait patiently for the right season, guided by God's hand, a sign of wisdom rather than ambition with a life that doesn't match.

Dr. Gregory also highlighted the divine orchestration of our lives, where roles, seasons, and blessings unfold according to God's plan. By opening our hearts to God's guidance, we find solace in knowing that what is meant for us will not slip away.

In the face of struggles and health challenges, the sermon called for a powerful declaration of faith, rejecting negativity and affirming our belief in divine healing. This battle cry echoed our refusal to succumb to doubt.

The sermon culminated in a crescendo of praise, reminding us that even in the darkest of times, calling on the name of Jesus brings hope. Even amidst the storm, there is strength in surrender, knowing that we are not alone.

Dear saints of God, let us collectively embrace this divine direction. Let us cultivate virtue, patiently await the right season, and declare victory over every challenge. Together, we can navigate life's path with unwavering faith and an unshakeable spirit of joy.

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1 Comment

Iris CB
Iris CB
Dec 05, 2023

Encouraging word on waiting for God. He does all things well in his timing. Rejoice and be faithful in all seasons of life. Thank Dr. GreGory. 🙏🏾

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