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Do you curse from time to time or is it a common occurrence? Yeah, I’m asking the saints and stop acting so shocked. When you’re upset or a major conflict comes into your life do you use profanity? How many of my blog friends will be honest with themselves and say, “Yes, unfortunately I do.”?

I hope you won’t judge me for this blog entry but I want to help people, not sugar-coat issues. Inappropriate language is something we as Christians may deal with. Last week I shared how I got caught up in emitting offensive language. It was a practice I’d never done until the age of twenty-two. I deceived myself by starting with what I called, “The Mild Ones” – words I didn’t consider hardcore. However, it escalated to utterances that were very graphic.

Friends, swearing is an inappropriate practice for the people of God. Breaking yourself of nasty language can be extremely difficult – trust me I know. Even today I have to watch myself with the expletives – that’s why I regret ever picking up the habit. With discipline we can exclude bad words. Whenever you feel yourself about to curse say this, “No, I’m on a Cussin’ Diet”.

~ Dr. GreGory

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