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A Dinner Conversation Across Time

Here are some key highlights from Pastor's sermon, "A Memorial for The Church Triumphant".

Inspired by our Church Poll Question

Dr. GreGory began his sermon by sharing how it was inspired by a church poll asking, "If you could have dinner with someone in the Bible besides Jesus, who would it be?" This question served as a springboard for deeper reflections on biblical figures and their significance.

Conversations with Mary

Dr. GreGory envisioned an intimate dinner with Mary, the mother of Jesus. Expressing a desire to be in her presence due to her unique role as the mother of the Savior. He imagined a personal and heartfelt interaction, asking Mary about Jesus' earthly life, including His favorite color, real birthday, and whether He sang. He talked about observing her demeanor, and that he'd ask her to pray for him, eloquently noting her unique role as the chosen vessel for the Savior. 

Memorializing Moses

Dr. Gregory also reflected on Moses, highlighting his unique relationship with God. He underscored Moses' meekness, as described in the Bible, and how this trait set him apart as a leader. This part of the sermon emphasizes the importance of humility and obedience in one's spiritual journey.

The Legacy of First Lady Elma Bowers

In a touching personal anecdote, Dr. GreGory talked about First Lady Elma Jean Bowers, a woman whose life left a lasting impact even after her death. He recounted how the mortician, moved by the peace surrounding her as he worked on her body, left the morgue and headed to her church. He had to find the source of the same peace she had. This story was a powerful witness of a life well-lived in faith and the profound influence one person can have on others.

Putting Soul into Everything We Do

Pastor emphasized that putting our souls into everything we do starts with discerning our true callings. While passion and dedication are vital, recognizing when a path isn't aligned with our anointing is equally important. This allows us to redirect our energy towards endeavors where we can truly flourish and make a meaningful impact.

Dr. GreGory’s sermon not only honored the legacy of the Church but also challenged us to live with purpose and conviction. Through his engaging delivery, Pastor inspired us to cherish our spiritual heritage and to contribute to the ongoing story of the Church triumphant.

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