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Obedience Over Preference

Dr. GreGory wasted no time in addressing a fundamental truth Sunday: serving God transcends mere religious traditions or personal ideologies. Instead, it demands a steadfast commitment to aligning our lives with the teachings laid out in the scriptures. This resounding call served as a refreshing reminder in a culture often marked by self-gratification.

We were also reminded of consequences of sin. While sin may offer temporary comfort, its ultimate destination is darkness. With urgency, Dr. GreGory told us their was an open window to repent for the things we've deemed okay and have become comfortable with. Serving God wholeheartedly means choosing to be obiedient even when it's not our personal preference.

Moreover, Dr. GreGory also addressed the peril of self-righteousness, particularly among older generations. He challenged them to remain humble and open to spiritual correction, regardless of age or status. Drawing parallels from biblical narratives, such as Saul's disobedience, he highlighted the dangers of partial obedience and the necessity of continued commitment to God's will inspite of age.

Serving the Lord with gladness, even amidst life's trials, is the ultimate expression of devotion. Through obedience, trust, and commitment, believers can find profound spiritual fulfillment and peace.

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1 Comment

God blessed us again on Sunday with that powerful word full of grace and truth! 🔥I like to call it a kiss from heaven💋Our father loves us so much He would no one would perish but all come to repentance 🙏

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