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"Delusional" Hope

Dr. Gregory's sermon, titled "The Contents of This Message May Cause Hope," was a beacon of light into God's ability to bring healing, restoration, and blessings into our lives. He reminded us that no matter what challenges we face, God is always by our side, ready to uplift and guide us.

One of the key themes of the sermon was how Pastor used the word "delusional" as a context to convey a message of hope.

Initially, he mentioned hearing the word "delusional" repeatedly during a period of sleep disturbances, which led him to explore its meaning.

He described delusion as a mental state characterized by fixed, unshakable beliefs that are not grounded in reality.

However, he reframed the concept of delusion within the context of faith, emphasizing that it is delusional to believe that challenges, adversaries, or illnesses can prevail over the promises of God.

Dr. GreGory shared several personal stories during the sermon to illustrate the power of faith and God's intervention:

  1. He recounted a situation where a member faced challenges at work but ultimately received recognition and an award from the company who made the very people who plotted against her present it.

  2. He shared a story about a grandmother who prayed and received guidance to keep her grandson home from school on a day when a shooting occurred, saving his life.

  3. Dr. GreGory also mentioned a personal experience with Bishop's health, where prayer and faith led to a positive report from the doctors.

By highlighting these examples and more, Dr. GreGory urged us to trust in God's power and to reject any notion that suggests defeat. Through this lens, "delusion" became a catalyst for inspiring hope, resilience, and faith in God's ability to overcome any obstacle.

In reflecting on Dr. Gregory's sermon, it is clear that hope is not just a concept but a tangible reality that we can grasp onto in times of need. His words served as a reminder of the eternal truth that no matter how dark the night may seem, the dawn of hope is always on the horizon, ready to usher in a new day of blessings and possibilities.

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“The dawn of hope is always on the horizon”. Amen 🙏🏾


Hope, A Tangible Reality! Glory To God!


Unknown member
Apr 23

I love that the the Lord refreshed my Hope through Dr. Gregory by saying

It's Delusional to think my physical disabilities cannot stand against the Power of God‼️💜🔥🙌

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