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A Day of Deliverance

This past Sunday the focus was on the powerful act of prayer for healing and deliverance, led by our Pastor Dr. GreGory. Congregants gathered with hopeful hearts, ready to receive the blessings of healing and restoration.

Dr. GreGory's words of encouragement served as a guiding light, reminding us of the transformative power of faith and the promise of God's intervention as he led us in repeating the affirming phrase, "Watch Me Live Through This Miracle".

As the service unfolded, Dr. GreGory's prayers became a source of strength and comfort for those in need. With each heartfelt plea to the heavens, he invoked the healing presence of God, calling upon His mercy and grace to bring deliverance to those struggling with physical ailments, emotional burdens, and spiritual battles.

The atmosphere was filled with God's spirit as Pastor interceded on behalf of the congregation. With hands outstretched and voices lifted in unison, we surrendered our burdens to the God, trusting in the promise of healing and liberation.

For many, the service was a profound and deeply personal experience—a moment of spiritual breakthrough and renewal. As Dr. GreGory's prayers washed over us like a healing balm, we felt the weight of our troubles lift, replaced by a sense of peace and wholeness that could only come from God.

Though Pastor's words were few, his prayers spoke volumes, admonishing us to truly believe, "What God has for you is for you," and in His divine timing, all things are made whole.

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Iris CB
Iris CB
May 10

So encouraging! Thank you Lord for your presence and Dr. GreGory’s heart to move as you direct. 🙏🏾❤️


Unknown member
May 02

Amen Amen🥰🙌


Unknown member
Apr 30

Glory🙌I feel like going on and let my story be Gods Glory🔥🥰‼️

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