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How to Be a Walking Witness

Stepping out of the anointing of Dr. GreGory's sermon Sunday, you couldn't help but feel a newfound awareness of the constant tug-of-war between our spiritual aspirations and the modern world, where ads relentlessly vie for our attention

Drawing a striking parallel between the persuasive tactics of advertising and the internal battles we face within our own souls. Dr. GreGory likened the seductive jingles and carefully crafted images that bombard us daily to the temptations and distractions that can easily divert us from our spiritual journey. 

Just as we learn to sift through the barrage of ads, discerning the genuine from the manipulative, Dr. GreGory challenged us to apply that same discernment to our inner thoughts. To filter fleeting desires and external pressures from the true callings of following Jesus Christ and the path God has for us. He also emphasized living a life of discipline, authenticity, and personal accountability. 

Instead of passively consuming the messages around us, Dr. GreGory urged us to become active agents of our faith. To embrace our beliefs with the same zeal and creativity as a well-executed marketing campaign. Wearing our new Hope sweatshirts as a witnessing tool. Becoming our own advertisement. Carrying the spirit of our faith into the grocery aisle, the workplace, and our everyday lives. Not by preaching, but allowing those we encounter to be intrigued by our kindness, our good conduct, compassion, and love.

The parallels between faith and advertising served as a reminder to be mindful, discerning, and above all, an embodiment of Godly living.

Will you wear your faith like a beacon of hope?

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