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Beneath the Waves of Obedience

In the serene stillness of Ezekiel 43:2, we encounter a profound revelation often referred to as "The Voice of Many Waters." Inviting us to delve into the depths of God's divine glory, obedience, and the quiet language of our tears.

Dr. GreGory's powerful insights, interwined with wisdom and directions, served as our guide as he drew our attention to the majesty of God. Likening it to the cascading roar of the ocean waves glistening under the rays of the sun. This imagery from Ezekiel 43:2 paints a vivid picture of the unwavering obedience of nature to God's will.

Dr. GreGory then invited us to contemplate God's intricate creation to the obedience of water. From the gentle caress it shares with the winds and waves, water faithfully adheres to the divine script. In this unwavering obedience, we discover a source of grounding and joy, a reminder that when we surrender to God, He is our source of solace.

The journey deepens in this moving sermon as Dr. GreGory explores the transformative power of baptism. He paints a picture of entering "The Voice of Many Waters," not just physically, but spiritually, immersing ourselves in the cleansing blood of Jesus. This sacred act resonates with a resounding promise, "Your sins are washed away." Baptism becomes a declaration of redemption and a new beginning in God's embrace.

Perhaps the most poignant moment in Dr. GreGory's message lies in his reflection on tears. He reminds us of Psalms 56:8, a verse whispering that God collects our tears in a bottle, inscribing them in His book. This powerful imagery transforms our tears from mere drops of water into tangible expressions of our vulnerability and a silent dialogue with our Savior. In our moments of grief and struggle, our tears are not unnoticed; they are seen, held, and cherished by the Almighty.

"The Voice of Many Waters" was more than just a sermon, it was a beautiful masterpiece of God's Word that connected with the soul. It was a call to awaken our senses to God's presence in every facet of lives. From the cascading waterfalls of God's glory to the quiet whispers of our tears. As we navigate the complexities of life, let us find peace in the knowledge that God not only hears our silent cries but treasures them as a melody of love, forever echoing in the depths of His heart.

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Glory! Another Beautiful Synopsis! Not only is this Word Life Changing, it's Life Changing Forever!!!


Life Changing! and again excellent summary of the message and direction from Dr GreGory. I just want God to be pleased with my life, walk in obedience and cultivate a YES to HIS will!! AMEN AMEN AMEN


Unknown member
Jan 16

Amazing word🔥💯😇I will look at my tears differently now "GLAD"🙌

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