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What have you learned about love?

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

Which of the following characteristics of love do you find most important?

  • Patience and Kindness

  • Lack of Boasting

  • Respect for Each Other

  • Forgiveness

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They are all very important. If I had to rate them 1) Forgiveness, 2) Respect For Each Other, 3) Patience, and Kindness, 4) Honest and Transparent, 5) Trust and Protection, 6) Lack of Meanness When Angry, 7) Hope and Perseverance 8) Action and Compromise, 9) Lack of Boasting. I believe when there’s a lack in any of these areas a person becomes guarded and often develops trust issues then there’s a lack in unity.

Nicole Newman
Nicole Newman
Oct 07, 2023
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Love this!


When you have respect for each other, all the other areas fall into place. You can say you love someone along with all other things mentioned, but when the respect is missing, you find quite a bit of emptiness in all other actions. A lot like scripture read Sunday about charity; without it, all else is meaningless.


The are ALL important!

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