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Updated: Dec 4, 2022

Are You Happy? No, be honest with me -are you?

It’s okay to say no, there’s freedom in truth. Earlier today I decided to write about happiness and pondered what I’d say. Tonight, as I watched Lifetime’s movie on Coco Chanel, my seven year old niece Ariana handed me a piece of paper. To my surprise and delight she’d drawn a pretty little flower and in that tender childlike handwriting with crayola she wrote, “If you pray you will find happiness.”

I believe Oprah calls that an, “Aha Moment.” Wow, tears are beginning to flow from my eyes now as I blog – a child shall lead them. Friends, I think enough has been said. Are you soul sick and looking for the antidote? Well, “If you pray you will find happiness.”


~ Dr. GreGory

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