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About the Recipe


2 lbs. of chicken breast 1 Tbs. milk

1 cup Italian seasoned bread Seasoned salt

crumbs Pepper

2 eggs Garlic powder

1 cup flour Cooking oil

Take the chicken breast and cut into small strips. Lightly season the

slices with pepper, seasoned salt and garlic powder. To do the breading,

take three bowls and pour the bread crumbs into one, two eggs, in

another and flour in the last. Dip the seasoned pieces first in the flour,

then the egg and lastly the bread crumbs. Place each piece on a plate

until finished breading. When done, get a medium sauce pan and fill it

halfway with cooking oil. Turn the fire on high and let the oil get hot.

Before adding all of the chicken, test the oil's heat level by placing in

a strip. Once it's ready, lower the heat to medium then add the chicken

a few strips at a time, frying them until they are golden brown.


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