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Updated: Dec 4, 2022

One Sunday driving home from morning worship I noticed my sister was unusually quiet – she was about twelve at the time and I ten. Naturally, I pondered what was going on as I’ve always been extremely intuitive. I’ll never forget when we arrived home she BURST into tears – my Mother quickly consoled her. When my Mother asked what was wrong my sister replied, ” Sister ___ and Sister ___ were in the stall and didn’t know I walked into the ladies restroom – they were saying horrible things about you and I.

”What was so hurtful, they were members whom we dearly loved, feed, prayed for, helped financially – you get the point. To this very day they don’t know my sister heard them. To make a long story short they were jealous. Can you imagine walking into a restroom at the age of twelve hearing voices you recognize as dear running their mouths about you and your Mother?

Just Sharing

~ Dr. GreGory

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