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Updated: Dec 4, 2022

One of our blog friends asked, “How do you deal with death?” This is a question that’s somewhat difficult to answer as everyone deals with death in such vast ways. So many of us have experienced what I refer to as the sting of death. First, the scriptures tells us we don’t have to mourn like others because we have a hope – Lord We Thank You For That Hope. Amen?

The first time I experienced death, four love ones passed back-to-back and it rocked my world. Honestly, I was afraid to feel the pain – it was just too horrible. I quickly feel into depression and began cursing everyday which was something I never did. However, cursing was my way of masking the deep loss. Please note I’m not excusing the cursing – it wasn’t a Godly thing to do at all.

One night I was praying, crying to God repenting for cursing and sharing how I was in such anguish. God handled me with such care and said, “GreGory, don’t be afraid to deal with the pains of death – I promised never to put more on you than you could bear.” I then let the pain HIT ME and just as God promised, I was able to handle it. Deliverance was in my Tears…Peace was in my Pain.

You Can Make It

~ Dr. GreGory

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