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How was your weekend my friend? Better yet, how’s your Monday going? Remember the song by the Bangles, ‘Manic Monday’? The lyrics were:

It’s just another manic Monday

I wish it was Sunday

‘Cause that’s my Funday

My I don’t have to Runday

It’s just another manic Monday

This song came about through societal stereotypes of ‘It’s one of those Monday’s’, as if that’s a bad thing. If you’d like a horrible day speak it, and if you want a good day declare it. I GreGory am expecting an absolute wonderful, fantastic, superb, healing, answered prayers Monday! Never forget you have the power to change your day. So think positive, don’t get stressed, and don’t settle for just another old day. Monday, is the day God made and he said, “Behold, it’s good.” So get the good out of today and be happy.

~ Dr. GreGory

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