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Updated: Dec 4, 2022

Picture it, Tuesday Night Prayer Service, the saints are rejoicing and beseeching our God. I too am fervently praying to the Lord worshipping, crying, singing – the works. A brother request that I pray for him so I pick up the blessed oil. As I’m approaching I notice he’s gyrating really fast, I thought, “Man alive I’d get vertigo doing that – bring it down a thousand dude.”

Nonetheless, I begin to pray and say to him, “Let the peace of God calm you.” This nut pays no attention…he keeps SHAKE…SHAKE…SHAKIN’ – he falls out! Albeit it wasn’t under the anointing – he was dizzy as the Teacups at Disneyland. Well, I don’t want him to bust his head on the floor so I try and break his fall. Ummm…let’s just say he was heavier than I thought.

His weight forces me to touch my toes (which I can’t do) – then I see my leg in mid-air. To my utter surprise I hear material rip followed by a teeth clinching chill on my glutes and thighs – my trousers split down to hell and up to glory. MY GOD, you talk about humility – at least they were clean like Momma told us. Thank God I hadn’t gone ‘Commando”! I strongly suggest that all God’s children wear underwear (the full coverage kind). Laugh Friends, Laugh!


~ Dr. GreGory

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