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get to know our pastor a little more personally so I'm going to be asking you you know questions about your personal life about Ministry nosy untour generation just un IAL questions now the first one want I want to ask you which is um it's really I woke up with it and it is what happens when you find your s s in a situation where you are caught between loyalty and the truth no such thing there's a problem that's it there's no such thing when it comes to God and godly things if there is a question in you there's a problem with your relationship when God has spoken things to me or you know like uh you know say you're invited to a place I already know I'm not going I ain't caught between no decision of loyalty to you there's no such thing for me you see you getting to know me for me when it comes to things like that there is no middle ground and so I don't think twice about it let me say this too that most likely you're only going to be presented with something like that is because you have friends that shouldn't have been your friend anyway you see uhoh good Bishop said there it is I don't have people in my life that would even ask me to do anything like that you see when we were coming up oh God I sound [Music] old but when we were coming up and I I tell this story about my dad at this point at that point in his life he had to forsake family at that point in time because of how he stood for the Lord now most of my mom's family were churched so my uh my aunt Olivia was the pastor's wife we all grew up in the church so when we were at a family gathering this is just it was you know a plus to us if we had a gathering at H at the house was nobody smoking and drinking cussing and fussing everybody was saved and even for some reason I was told back in the day uh if they weren't saved they had enough respect for the grandmother not to bring it there but when you let your standards down and folks are smoking and drinking and doing in front of their own grandparents the family got a problem so I'm just saying that as far as like loyalty to what's right and and wrong you know if you just live a holy life and you know Bad Company corrupts good morals they're not going to ask you to go to the Usher concert with them because they know where I stand ain't nobody coming to ask me am I going to see Jay-Z do you really you know y'all really think somebody's going to come and say hey you want to come C Jay-Z with me no because of how I live my life so to me it says something about you but you know there can also be another type of unhealthy loyalty to your old ways to your ideologies to you know loyalty that hinders you from growth what do you think about that well you can be so loyal to somebody that is changing your life I heard Bishop Jake say Bishop Jakes or Bishop uh NOS Bishop Jakes and he was talking about Joseph and he mentioned how you know Joseph was so loving and loyal that God had to kick him away in order to meet his Destiny so that kind of answers that question but but it's interesting that you would ask me that cuz you remember I told you uh I said God gave me something yesterday to share and and I was thinking about how you watch different people in Zion and it's like okay well I see them doing this and they seem to reap all of this good thing from their their acts and then you see some people and it's like well I think they're doing the same thing that I'm doing and but then they don't seem to be quote what we call Blessed receiving the same blessings that I am and the Lord said to me um sometimes you both have planted good seeds but one planted it in good soil and one planted it in soil that wasn't so

good and then at that point you just have to accept what you get can I ask the next question okay but does that make sense that blew my mind mhm when the Lord said to me it's not that both but I did talk talk to you about where you plant and so have you spent a lifetime with people serving since you were you know a kid and after all those years they honor you with a few dollars yes bad soil yeah I mean because I was really thought about unhealthy loyalty you know like for me and some of the relationships that I've had realize you know I'm I'm staying in this being loyal to you but it's horrible for me now what I do cuz I'm bold mhm like when we um when we recently left something everybody that I had to deal with cuz I had to and I was going to be proper and show love but another thing I was talking to the Lord last night like when I left I blocked their

numbers yeah because the Lord told me this is a worldly concept told me this last yesterday well I'm gonna stay and be a soldier I'm Gonna Stand My Ground for the Lord and the Lord said I said if they don't receive

you in other words you're spending time with bad soil and sometimes you have to shake the dust off your feet with a good heart not a bad heart there was a friend of mine from for many years and I knew she was a friend of mine because she liked me you know what I mean yes now she liked the person I was if jug would have asked her out on a date she's going she's going okay and if jug would have said will you marry me she would have said yes so she was my friend because she liked me but you can't like me and talk about my daddy or my mama yes yeah but we were still over there to work so I'm I'm going to keep it cool but when we left I blocked every number because I knew the intent towards me my father my mother my church family I knew that it was imp pure and God said it's time Shake the Dust off and move on planting good ground I'm I'm going to show you so much so you see how this church loves me MH I planted in good ground yes that's a compliment to you yes this is good ground right here I know that our church is good ground good ground people I believe that now you have worked this is when y'all say thank you Pastor thank you Pastor now you've worked with a variety of people from celebrities to politicians to Everyday People what would you say is the common thread that connects us all regardless of our backgrounds or status

I think I I would say giving giving um I found uh a lot of them because for some reason the Lord was taking me into a very political scene there was some things that I worked on in the city of San Diego for the homeless and I just read this was maybe 10 12 13 14 years ago and I was told by reading an article a couple of weeks ago that Governor Nome looked at that stuff done in San Diego and is now applying it to all California oh wow that's so I'm just talking about I'm talking about giving and I I began to work with a lot of even in my hat industry I ended up doing a lot of things for politicians wives and the Lord really was using me on the political scene and and I have to say a lot of them that I met they were into

giving so you think that's the Common Thread that connects us all is giving giving now one thing that Disturbed me

was back then not now cuz this is the happiest Church on Earth and you can feel it yes but back back then I would say and I still feel like this when I see other places and run into Old Company um that they were nice and we

weren't now I'm I'm going to be honest because this this is not me being messy it's my testimony all right I watched my good parents give gifts to people in the organization that they belong to every Christmas I watch Dad and Mom go through a stack of paper this stick giving to people and I would watch to see who said thank you now this you know this was for years and I saw two or three people come and say thank you Bishop in first lady or a letter sister Elaine lady Elaine Stewart in Kentucky his parents in the gospel of uh Bishop Eugene Stewart good people thank you son the youngs Bishop Ronald mother Rose young sweet people thank you bishop and the late Dr Pauline edings always a letter thank you three people but sent out like 150 fruit baskets three people but the governor's wife of Kentucky when I made her a hat and I made her more than one and I gave it to her because I loved her initiative uh that she had for the elderly and he didn't win reelection but her and I were going to work together and do this big fundraiser for um the elderly during the Kentucky Derby so and you know this cuz you were there the way um first lady Glenna Fletcher thanked me was she told her husband to make me a Kentucky colonel in the state of

Kentucky you she she wanted to say thank you not only did she make me one but because Nicole was there helping me to give to her not only am I going to extend this honor upon you I want your sister to have it so y'all looking at two Colonels right here and then Isaac said y'all ain't nothing but KFC I said I'm going to slap you but I I'm just saying that's why I push the Saints to be nice to each other because it it will trip your mind out when you see somebody that the forefathers and mothers told me as a sinner mhm and they're nicer than you it doesn't work yeah the the way that they said thank you was a whole another level Seline Dion MH after I met her and she got a my mom got a chance to meet her um Nicole you met her took the time out of this busy schedule of hers sent me a picture of her and I with the hat that I had designed her in a beautiful frame handwritten thing we went to Jennifer Lopez Jennifer Lopez she personally thanked me I want to honor the uh Bishop Blake's wife first lady May Blake a beautiful spirit a wonderful woman I tried because I was raised in the church it was all the mothers in Zion that I liked seeing them shouting and stuff in the hats and and they'd have a feather on it and it'd be shaking and they'd be giving God praise and as a little boy that just turn me on I'm just looking like oh yeah yeah to the point I just start making hats cuz I loved it that much I still love a feather on a hat now and I like to see women in Zion Shout with a feather on the hat um but I attempted to call all these first ladies Across America prominent ones it was only sister may Blake who works in what a lot of folks said about them they got this Hollywood Church they got Denzel and Angela Basset and Magic Johnson they ain't really saved such a beautiful woman I'm not going to say no names but there was another prominent um first lady very and they told me to come I said okay you know I'd love to to meet you and the spirit of the Lord told me when you get there you're not going to even meet her I wish you would have told me that I didn't cuz you you see cuz we got on the plane I'm not getting on that plane and then we not going to meet them but the Lord told me you're not going to meet them and sure enough now they told me to come spent my money right spent my money uh plane ticket and the room fair and the uh the car to get there got there and they said Oh no you're not going to meet her and the go said well they set up the meeting and she she accepted the GI gift though mhm mhm she took she took that hat yeah now y'all stop I said I was burning that bridge right I said I was burning the bridge right I'm just testifying I'm not scarred I'm not scarred and God bless the memory of Dr Wanda Davis turn your scars in the Stars oh thank you Lord um but the Lord told me you're here to intercede for somebody well they set me down and the Lord just told me I brought you here cuz you're going to intercede with someone and when I sat down they set their son directly in front of me and when they set him down the Lord said he's the one I want you to intercede for also the Lord showed me a woman in the pull pit that hated the first lady and the Lord told me to intercede and pray and I think she left about 3 months later oh wow so my assignment was bigger the Lord told me years ago your gift of the hats is just a key it'll open doors cuz your gift will make room for you and that that scripture really means a literal gift am I right good Bishop yes it's not talking about your gift of Prophecy or whatever it's talking about your literal gift gifts will make room for you God took me there opened the door for me to come through the gift of the hat but wanted me to pray for their son and the first lady wow you're bigger than me I still need prayer doctor just pray for her burn that bridge cuz I feel come on over with me come over I she needs to make it up where the table is spread and the Feast of the Lord is going on come on over here now You' mentioned traveling you know in California you living you've been living in California you're here with us now how have you manag for a little while mhm I know you can't wait I'm still going back it's not going to affect my church work right but how how have you managed the distance cuz when I have told people no he lives in California and he has driven back to Arizona every weekend they are Just sh during the pandemic when we were even having Church Deacon Tiera said she told coworker about it and said what mhm he comes so you all can be on live stream yeah because you know I'm committed to God and this people this is where I'm

planted this is where I'm planting yes now you often have told me the best advice somebody has ever given you was don't even get it started how have you applied that to your life a former first Lady of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the world Rita Wagner mhm I honor her today yes uh Bishop the late Bishop Norman El Wagner oo come on y'all those of you who know my God every uh Pentecost calls him the Wagner yes yes my God he blessed me but uh first lady told me that she said Gregory one thing I learned in Ministry uh with like certain things like with people love them be there but don't get it started and I got it you know what I'm saying like um the scripture says don't put your foot in your neighbor's house too often unless a spirit of jealousy come don't get it started love each other me and evangelist Reynolds for years have gone to church uh gone to eat together every Sunday that's one day a week you know what I'm saying one one day a week we ain't on the phone every day with each other you know I don't want to hear from her that much and she don't want to hear from me that much cuz then when we start hanging around each other too long we fussing and the yell and you cutting the fabric the wrong way the prophet no I'm not cutting the fabc I've been cutting the fabric longer than you I got socks I you better watch it you know even that you know saying you have to know you have to temper it so I got what uh mother Wagner was telling me when she said you know don't get it started because sometimes people will get too comfortable with you you know and uh so I knew what she meant yeah it's better for your friendships just your relationships not to and even when um say like a uh somebody that's romantically um interested in you and you don't know how to say no you don't always have to say yes just cuz somebody asked you you just don't even get it started cuz if you do it's going to go there well it depends on the

person not everybody's going to go not everybody's going to go there but you know we do believe that yes Pentecost is hung up on you know relationships and that type of thing um people approaching me uh doesn't matter to me because I have a madeup mind yes I am not 20 and the Lord told me when I was 16 Gregory I would that you not marry so I don't I don't look at people at women with the thought of a relationship I can say oh she's so pretty without desire yes and you can live that way yeah and it takes a lot of self-control and don't even get it started m well like I said I I'm not 16 yes so for somebody to think they're going to come 30 years later and get me to marry them after 30 years of walking with the Lord close with God yeah you're just not going to come and turn my mind now Jennifer Lopez y'all better pray no I'm sorry she's is she married yeah she's marri Lord forgive

me Janet ain't married though she divorced yet I think she's not divorced yet oh Lord forgive me okay but I I'm being factious but even then no woman's going to take me from the Lord yeah you smarter than that you've walked with the Lord you can be disciplined yes if you want to mhm but you got to desire that I wanted God uh someone told me once they said I I watch you and um it was a family member of mine my my cousin and he said to me he said said you know what jug he said when I was about your age he said I felt God calling me to Ministry with he and I where I wouldn't be married and he said it wasn't what I wanted to do he said but he said I see something on you he said it's your own family member he said now he said I'm telling you this he said because you know that the scripture says a prophet is without honor amongst his own Kinsmen and he said I can't stop watching you he said when you Minister there is something about the spirit of God on you that he said now this is a big deal I'm your kin and the scripture says that you're without honor amongst your own kin but he said I believe it's because of that decision you made that there is a drawing that even makes your kin listen to you yes cuz you're more CLE that's not me that's not me like self-rising myself right I'm talking about like when you really want to do what God wants for your life and you say yes I've had all kind of offers but God gave me the ability to say I'm with God no speaking of him saying that what do you think is the difference between a calling and being chosen well many are called few are chosen if you're called you can go to Seminary if you're chosen I don't think you should okay explain that if you many are called so you study to show yourself approved that's all of us but if you are called chosen God needs to know it's me and you no no other outside Source book you just listen to me I don't read books now I'm not against all Bishops I've read Bishops my own father but out of Bishop other than Bishop's books I have never read any Christian book

ever it got real quiet I have never I've never read any Christian material other than the holy Bible and I read my father's books well and then too the the way that you operate is very peculiar because did she just call me weird no no no let me explain well that's how I received it no no because you know I'm organized I'm in advanced and you have taught me okay you might have all of that on the paper but if we get there and things change then we're not going to do that MH and you know for some someone like me I have to have it planned I got to have it written down and but you truly operate by God's spirit and that's what I mean even like the uh when I said that we were going to have shut in prayer you kept asking me when are we doing it I said I don't know yet you said uh well the people kind of need to know you know by some point I said I feel like this if it's the day before and God says call now whoever gets there gets there and whoever doesn't doesn't can't help that and I Saidi can't set a date until I pray so I came to the church as I always do she said you pray today I said yeah yeah I was having a hard time with this she said so what's the date I said I don't know yet and she said okay so finally when the Lord told me I said this is the date so that that is is really a lesson for me because you know I'm like you know people need to get off work or you know you're were like if you they going to come pray they're going to come pray yeah people who don't put God first it doesn't matter when you say they have to check their schedule people who put God first it's not a thought M you can tell them today we're going to do some God said come tomorrow at uh you know noon and I know this good congregation here will take off of work and make it happen yes that's a blessing it is a blessing all right now we're going to break it up a little bit and I have asked I'm going to call on sister Leslie green brother Austin Davis in Brooklyn Isaac did you give me a a mic set up okay I don't see it where now you you be kind sister Leslie there it is okay no they're gonna come come on sister Leslie brother Austin and Brook help her up and um they are going to share their most memorable messages let's start with you

Austin I love

Austin we literally have baby pictures of you like six months well we saw his mother pregnant yeah yes he was in the womb yes go ahead Austin he's telling my age uhhuh praise the Lord everybody how I doing praise the Lord um the most m one for me was recently you talked about the plus sign mhm and I think for me I didn't take it as God adding to me I took it as a plus sign what can I add um to God to the body of Christ what can I do more financially what can I do come in clean more or what can I do just to make myself more available so that plus sign I didn't take it as what can be done for me is what I could be what I can give back to God that's how good now and then most of you guys know uh Dr Gregory's story as far as what he gave up and how I take it your subtraction really was your addition yes and so for me that helps me not be afraid of losing friends some family members or anything that I may need to subtract because it could be my audition yes so that message really all right so that message really stood out for me recently and then another thing um you talked about sports as you all probably know I love sports and my kids are Miss Sports and one thing I needed to do better was to put God first for themen and not um go to so many of the sporting events so last year with track with AA we didn't go to Every track meet on Sunday we came to church that was different I didn't go to practices last last season on Saturdays I chose to come clean to church so it's definitely sacrifices and I going to make him a deacon pretty soon do it today do it today so it's definitely Little Things that you have done just recently that have really stood out all right last one and I'll be done uh I was cleaning and we stopped and we were talking about my friend DeAndre and then that conversation led to something about me and I'm like how do we even get on me but that help me so much in just that little conversation we had so just the little things just that little bit of your time has just again changed my life and then sorry I lied one more had to be I think I was in high school I don't know he asked me to start helping him and you know I'm a little knucklehead I remember one time I dress now pause what did I what did I tell you about when I asked you to help me because I've never asked anyone to ever help me but remember I told you the Lord told me uh to ask you to help me and I didn't even want to cuz you had these like thuggish braids oh no and and I figured well you know but the Lord was teaching me a lesson I'm am I help him yeah can I help you know see I I I grew up under my my my father very elegant classy man so there were certain things we know we could never do and uh so to me to see a young man with braids just said that you were carefree and I just thought well why in the world would you ask me to help somebody somebody to help help me who's so carefree and I'm so serious but the Lord showed me kept telling me I want you to ask Austin to help you and I asked you and do you remember that you had the nerve about five years ago you told me somebody I don't know why they around you they got too many tattoos I I I I said look at you I said do you remember what the good Lord told me about you and and I had to let that go and let you help me I said now you need to do the same with this person and you were

saying I love you I'm not going to share but you were saying that I asked you he asked me but and then it's funny you went to my braids anyway how I was dressed one Sunday and since I was helping him he said hey don't come dress like that again but that no yeah it sounds bad but he's right the way he carries himself and if I'm helping him I'm a representation of him and so I did I checked my ego and I never wore that setup again just like I checked my ego see but Bishop always told us if it's in the head it'll trickle down to the body so I had to put down and it wasn't really an ego it was just like how we were raised in Pentecost you know you were kind of almost raised unfortunately we didn't mean to but like to look down on other people yeah judgmental judgmental and and the Lord helped me with that many years ago and and I love him and I know that man loves me yes and the thing is that lesson in how to dress transfer over to my everyday life my business life so without that I may still so I love you happy birthday thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you all right brother Brooklyn come on up baby hello son you look real sharp today thank you don't he look like a little millionaire we prophesying on you now yes the spirit of success be upon you Brooklyn I remember when you prayed for us when everyone was about to go back to school and made me feel safe and happy oh y'all trying to mess me up [Applause] thank God for you son God be with you god cover you and keep you I got to get you one of them Bibles yes all right I'm going to get Brooklyn one of those Bibles yes thank you God bless you Brooklyn godess you okay um sister Leslie she was originally one of our e members and were you living in Texas at the time yes she was living in Texas um at the time was an e member and she's moved here to Phoenix go ahead and we love her yes and can't she saying y'all love you more praise the Lord everybody I just want to thank God because as our chief of staff stated I was living in Texas and I knew I wasn't going to stay there because I couldn't find a church home that'll preach and that's my life M and I went to all these different places and it was just got crazier and crazier and Mother Jones said I said I can't find a church here she said why don't you start watching my church and so I you know okay watch Christian television all the time and then she says again why don't you watch my church and I started watching as I watched it was a connection it was not just watching church and I was like wow this is interesting time came up for me to sign my lease and the Lord said you're not going to sign a lease you're going to move to Arizona so I'm moving AR wow and by faith I moved to Arizona it was a three-day journey I had to drive and God got us here well got here and everything start happening but Pastor Bishop first lady every sermon every Bible study every scripture I mean has spoken into my life praise the Lord praise the Lord I am here because I ask God I want a church I'm looking for a city whose Builder and maker is God who somebody not playing with God somebody who mean what they say who living this thing somebody if I open up the door and I see what they doing they on their knees they shouting they praising they praying they helping they live this thing and you are or that church I thank God for you I had to travel all across the United States of America to find you but I'm here in Jesus name you all pray my strengthen I love you all I love you too amen come on bab and you know what I'm going to go ahead and call on sister Iris Bush uh Milan and Brendan who are also going to share their most memorable

messages I'll say too about sister Leslie what I I love about her is she has a teachable even though she's you know grown in Zion been in Zion a long time that there's certain things things um like she was singing and I've been picking the music for her to sing and I've been picking cuz you know in in Pentecost there's different styles of uh songs so I was trying to give her certain kinds and then uh one Sunday she got real preachy afterwards I called her I said I now sis I said now psalmist B is is a preacher

anger I said now I said you know how they call some folks up to do sermonic solos I said that's how I see you I said so when you get up I want you to act like Diana Ross all right now and she she said oh I can do that you know we're just having fun you get what I'm saying but it was when I and I was teasing her Isaac and Aton Philip we were in the car I said when you said at the end of what you you sang and then you said something about and God I said I sat in my seat and said oh man I didn't want her to do that and we laughed about it you know what I'm saying but somebody else would have taken offense but the music God showed me her singing here was more a different style and that's all right and she does it real well yeah she does okay our precious Milan go ahead baby God bless you dear thank you I was just going to say I remember when Dr Gregory broke first lady's hat because he was trying to learn how to make a hat and that taught me if you break something something good will come out of it and Jesus will help you work it out yes thank you baby thank you oh okay you're done okay now y better stop letting the children up cuz I I'm going to be done in a minute but you know I never knew M as that seven eighty old boy mhm that one day I would become a age and that that would MHM stand out to a child yes yes that if you break something oh my Lord yes wow very inspiring okay sister Bush than Lord God bless you Happy Birthday this my Disneyland buddy y'all don't know this but when her and and Stephanie come to California I said now don't y'all come to town and don't call me and we always go to Disneyland and then I take them cruising along the beach and take them to eat y'all didn't know that right but those are my buddies we love Disney Land the me when Nicole asked me to do this a message just pops out in my mind because it carries me a way and I think about it a lot it's the message you gave on Resurrection 2022 and it's called the 72 Divine hours and you talked about how Jesus those three days and the Saints how they were just lost when he was buried not knowing where he was or if he was really going to come back by his word says yes and that took me back to a period in my life where I let some things entered in and it caused a spiritual decomposition is what you use in your message and that was kind of like the period that I was going through I had let something in and he had pulled me down and at the time and it's it's a frightening state to be in because I was in church but I couldn't feel the spirit sitting here every service directing the choir yes singing in the choir and doing other things but could not feel God's presence I even went to Bishop because he was pastor at the time I said you and I explained to him and I said I need to sit down he wouldn't let me sit down because that's where I'm from you sit down of you not doing you know what you need to do and and but it was it was weeks and I thank God from a child I always prayed Lord no matter what I'm going through let me always come to church let me always have a desire to be in your house wow and so when you talked about that absence about what the saints went or Saints the church went through when they were waiting for Jesus to come it was just Revival for me because I had been in a state like that been there and that wasn't even the best part of the message for me you further went into the Last Supper how Jesus dipped that so and it talks about how he gave it to the one he loved and he gave it to Judas that that took me to a place and say Lord we talk about love all the time but I want to love like that I want to treat people like glory glory glory and then even when they went to the place the garden where they were going to take him the first thing the first word from jesus' mouth to Judah was friend friend knowing this man in his eyes he was planning his murder yeah but he loved Judah and Judah couldn't take the love Judah could not stand to be loved that he ended up taking his life his own life I want to love like that kind of love too and I want it to be manifested and to everybody and we're and I'm G to say me we can be so judgmental sometimes and sometimes you do have to get that old way out of your mind yes because God loves everyone I was thinking about the man that did all those killings in Maine just a few days ago and how he took his life had that man got saved Jesus would have loved him yes even with the hurt Jesus loved that man just like he loved Paul killing his his Saints so I that message it just carries me when I come across somebody that's not quite right or getting on my nerves or even how I speak to people I think about that love that you Illustrated through that sop Jesus giving that so to Judas yes oh thank you I I remember that message too and uh you know love is so key mom always used to tell us as kids remember uh the Saints just want to be loved when you don't like something just remember they just want to be Lov loved okay brother Brendan Brendan my friend hello hello happy birthday thank you of all I love your hair by the way thank you thank you um I I think I just got a haircut too no I'm joking oh I love your hair um thank you I would say the sermon that spoke to me Mo most was about last January um it was about the sensory deprivation chamber and how when you allow yourself to get into your mind too much you numb yourself and then you're not aware of if you're going up or down and um the only way to keep going up is to stay righteous follow God um keep studying the Bible keep reading the Bible keep going to church and um if not you'll go farther and further down and uh and you have to fix yourself again and before you can fix the world around you or get out of that Darkness you have to fix yourself and make yourself light I suppose you sound like a wow sensory deprivation I love that yeah that was neat thank you Brendon I appreciate let let me say this about um I was thinking about how like David had someone murdered on his behalf and God didn't kill him instantly Aza touched the ark and he was killed instantly that's why I always always tell the church watch what state you leave the house of God in don't leave it dirty folded I one thing that stands out to me I don't know if you all remember this one Sunday the Lord told me tell the Saints don't ask for another thing until you fold your clothes y'all remember that one yeah that's that's the one that's she over here talking about it was me and then did exactly what the Lord told her not to do that was me that was me oh yeah but we were here this week and uh just on the Fly I said well let's change the walls and my brother back there well they coming Saturday they they can do the walls I said well you know what you got that attitude you can leave agon Phillip and I will do it then just get quiet we left so then we come back the next day I'm coming to help I'm coming to help I said you got your spirit right he said yeah I was just

hungry but you don't want to be hangry on the wrong day yes because I was saving my brother from what could have been something dangerous that David had somebody killed on his behalf and he wasn't killed instantly but usza something about an artifact in the temple holy Hol all that touched it to

help and died instantly and I I said we can't even put up a fabric wall with any

frustration and that's why I'm so careful with the people watch what you do in God's house those that that are cleaning don't just haphazardly do it remember this is a house of the Lord this is where he dwells but I just felt to say that to the people David had someone killed on his behalf Aza touched an artifact the wrong way and was killed instantly well it's been life changing to sit here you would leave on something like that Dr Gregory he has really cut up this week too I'm telling you he has you know I wanted to do you know the cake and everything for him he was like no you know the church we're trying to get things done right now I didn't listen to him I was sneaking I went behind his back trying to do it anyway he found out about it I said no you need to respect my wishes so but you know we still wanted to honor you today okay well she was like well you did all that for Dad and Mom but Dad paid for Mom's yes well no Mom started it yes Mom paid for Dad's 70th which we all wanted to do as as a church but we didn't use any church money to do it she paid for it well y'all know how Bishop is well my wife done done that for me and I want it done for her and we were glad to we wanted to celebrate and he did that and I said no no no there's other things right now we need to do I really you know let's just sit and talk or something but let's save it for something else yes but next year I'm going to have my way all right okay um amen okay but to show you show you how good God is that if you if you do it with good intent the cake artist that I hired to make Bishop's beautiful cake with the scriptures on it and then uh the same artist I hired to do mom's cake um I guess Nicole had already been on the phone with her which is fine that's her job Chief of Staff I get it you know Opera in your role when she called and told her well we're not going to do this for Dr Gregory she said I can't see him not having a cake and she said he's done so much for others she said I'm going to make a cake for free yes and she did and she did and brought it to the house and gave it to me um yesterday yes and I I thought that was a good omen yes and a a a beautiful act because you know God will reward you for the things that you've done if your intent is right yes yes now Isaac if you can start my song you know how you're known for your hats the Lord has done so much for me so we brought our top hats today everybody up oh my gosh hey bring me

mine and then some of us have our flag thank you I'm going to ask the supervisors the board of directors if you will come and stand with me I'll give you a minute to come up here thank you Church let's stand up everybody if it wasn't for your love for me it win another way he's done so much I can't tell it

all know if it wasn't [Music] for okay are we all here still coming okay where's evangelist Franc there she is if you'll come stand up here with me me evangelist Francine these are all our supervisors and the people that are head of Ministries we still wanted to do something for you Dr Gregory because you have been selfless a true servant of God Faithful um you you have been chosen for such a time as this you've preached the gospel with conviction you've loved your congregation deeply you served us tiring The Best Is Yet To Come

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